In a nutshell

In the highly likely event that you can't be bothered to read the following waffle, to summarise, I am accomplished in these key areas…

…and am well versed with these tools of the trade


I have been designing and coding for the web since about 2001, I used to be a welder but after a morning of lifting girders and splitting my finger open for the 14th time I figured it was time for a change.

During that summer, I followed my long-standing interest in creative design and invested some time in a web design course where I learned how to hand code HTML. The teacher wouldn’t even let us open Dreamweaver to use the visual editing mode, for which I am eternally grateful.

After the course had finished I started looking for positions into anything remotely Web Design related. This led me to a job running a cyber cafe. The owners knew I had desires for something more so they tried me out teaching short courses on Photoshop, HTML and Dreamweaver.

For me this was immensely daunting, having to stand up in front of people and make sense was a frightening concept! I settled into it though and was soon teaching the City & Guilds course in web design.

I then took the roll as MonsterMaker’s Web Designer. I was pleased as Punch…. assuming Punch is as happy as Larry of course.

After a year I then got a job as a Graphic Designer at KCOM Group. About a year later the role I’d been positioning myself for opened up in the company. I had to audition like everyone else but I got the job and started as their new Web Developer.

I worked as the KCOM Web Developer for 2 years. In August of 2006 I joined my friend Dave at Definition Design. We enjoyed increased success with each client that left the gates, thoroughly happy with the work we produced. Then, just for a change of pace I moved to Leeds and started working for a company called Netstep. The team was great, everyone was really dedicated to producing the best websites we possibly could. I was then offered a challenging role to become the Senior Digital Developer at The Black Hole where I was in charge of running all the day to day operations of the web team. I was involved in everything from project management right through to design and build.

I then made the decision to try my hand working in Australia as It’s been a dream of mine for a long time. Now that I'm here I'm overjoyed with my decision! I've been working with some amazing people and well, the weather isn't bad either.


Having mostly being a part of smaller web teams, I have needed to keep my skills fairly broad. I always spend time making sure things are correct and I’m a fast learner.

I can code HTML & CSS to a very high standard, at Definition, Dave would often chase me around the garden with a lump hammer if my headings weren't semantically ordered, I remember one time there was a <H3> I used that wasn't actually a header and Dave set fire to all of my shoes *sniff*… ok so I'm exaggerating a lil' bit but you get the idea.

I’ve of course kept up to date with recent developments with HTML5 and CSS3, I’m fully equipped to build mobile first, responsive sites and launched my first in 2012.

I have used a myriad of content management systems. The one I settled on is called ExpressionEngine and it is truly fantastic. I used it at Definition and I also introduced it at The KCOM Group and Netstep to replace the CMS’s they were using.

If you made it through all that, then you’ve earned a donut! (or any other pastry/baked goods that you fancy)