Mike is one of those people who you can give a job to in the full knowledge that what you’ll receive back is of the highest standard, has been thoroughly considered, and is completely up-to-date with the latest thinking and technologies.

I have never worked with anyone with a better approach to work, always completely professional but with a cheeky smile, and always vigorously churning out work of the highest quality. What I like most about Mike is that simple things stay simple whilst the complicated appears to get simplified. In an industry where things can easily get overwhelming, this is a really important skill.

Mike is a joy to work with, and by virtue of his skills and approach that I saw during my time working with him, he made my life simpler and has taught me some great lessons.

Paul Lowton Netstep (Former Head of Development)

Mike has more experience and skills then his title indicates. He has an excellent grasp of business processes along with commercial awareness as well as being a proficient Front-end developer. His ability to work under pressure and during difficult circumstances but still to remain calm, professional and enthusiastic, really impressed me. A real joy to work with.

Leroy Grey Web Development Project Manager - i-to-i

I first began working with Mike in the early stages of his web development career and was instantly impressed by his keen desire to learn and improve in all areas of expertise. I had no hesitation in hiring him for every job from there on because his broad range of skills were a huge asset to any web project.

Mike quickly developed into a mature web designer and developer, with a keen eye for detail and a solid skill set. His design work is imaginative and full of flair, his development work always informed by the very latest techniques.

His ability to maintain a cool head and a sense of humour, while consistently keeping client satisfaction at the core of everything he does, will make him an essential component in any web team he is part of. He comes with the highest possible recommendation from me.

Dave Foy Creative Director - Woof

Mike worked in the studio at KC for several years during which time he illustrated with complete dedication his commitment and abilities, not only working in a team but also leading in major projects by motivating people and clearly mapping solutions. He has an appetite for increasing his knowledge base driven by his passion for the web and a single minded determination to do the best for his colleagues and clients alike.

His character is the bedrock of his interpersonal skills: he has humour and patience in equal amounts and listens with enthusiasm to the expectations and ideas of clients while offering critical assessments of what can be rationally achieved. Meaning he is good with people, cooly persuasive and creatively astute.

Mike’s work ethic was simply defined during our time together by his focus and productivity. He was always eager to do more than was expected, careful to clearly and accurately interpret and develop what could be vague ‘sketches’ of ideas and keep collaborations and meetings on mission and within timelines. A key member of any studio wanting energy and talent to be brought to their environment.

Mike Clarke KCOM Group (Former Studio Manager)

I can’t thank Mikee enough for his efforts in producing a website that perfectly fits the functional needs, budget and visible feeling of our brand. He was very clear in explaining the different options available to me, and in helping me clarify want we wanted to achieve through the website. I’m always being asked who built our website from people that have been really impressed by it. I am frequently suggesting Mikee to people looking to start their own site.

Simon Long Director - Xing Health

As a creative production company it is important our work looks professional and is presented in a unique way. There is no doubt that having this website has improved business significantly. We are not computer savvy so the hands on aftercare and advice that Mike has and continues to give us is over and above what we paid for. Mike offers an excellent service and he truly is an amazing person to work with. Thanks so much.

Myra Gonzalez MillnDoll